Scrum Methodology

  • Scrum methodology is a part of Agile movement. It is approach to agile software development.
  • Scrum emphasizes collaboration, functioning software, team self management, and flexibility to adapt to emerging business realities.
  • Using scrum, product development is on-going with frequent releases rather than one shot development (like in waterfall methodology)

  • Scrum uses fixed-length iterations, called SPRINTS, which are typically two weeks or 30 days long. Scrum teams attempts to build a potentially shippable and properly tested product increment in every SPRINT.



  • Fixed iteration phase
  • Every sprints contain some combination of analysis, planing, coding, integration, testing , deploying

Scrum - sprints Reference


  1. Product owner
    • responsibble for ROI – returns on investment
    • final arbiter of requirements questions
    • focused more on WHAT than HOW
  2. Scrum Development Team
    • Cross functional group
    • Collaborates
    • Self organizing
    • Build potentially shippable product increment every sprint
  3. Scrum Master
    • NO management authority
    • NO project manager role



  1. Product backlog
    • List of everything we need to do – in a priority wise
  2. Sprint backlog
    • What we have to do in current Sprint



  1. Sprint planning meeting
  2. Daily scrum meeting
  3. Sprint review meeting
  4. Sprint retrospective meeting
  5. Backlog refinement meeting



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