Is Agile project 3 times more successful than Waterfall project?


To proove: Agile projects are 3 times more successful than Waterfall projects.

Agile and Waterfall both are methodologies which define to develop successful project on time, on budget and in plan features. Comparison between them is not WHAT they are, BUT its HOW they do. Agile and Waterfall are differentiated in how effectively they utilize the processes.


Agile Waterfall
  • Flexible
  • Many small projects
  • Highly collaborative
  • Best for those who want continuous improvements
  • Involvement of customers
  • A process in which requirements are expected to evolve and changeAgile Methodology - alternative to traditional method
  • Structured
  • One big shot project
  • A sequential process
  • Suited for situations where change is uncommon
  • Internal
  • A process that requires clearly defined requirements upfrontWaterfall Method


However, “Agile is not right for every project team and is absolutely not a silver bullet that will solve your organization’s delivery problems. In fact, if you are already struggling, trying to change to a new methodology might make things worse.” – Ref. Smart Data Collective



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